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Professor Alikutty Musliyar, Principal of Jamia since 2003, is a famous Islamic scholar, and also a graduate from Jamia in 1968. . His contribution to Jamia is very precious and worthy asset for students and Jamia as a whole.
He has been holding many other positions such as Chairman of Kerala Hajj committee 2003-06, Vice Chairman of Central Hajj Committee of India 2006-2009 and member of all India Muslim Personal Law Board.
He attended many international seminars and presented many subjects in the conferences.
He has many years of diversified experience and leadership in teaching and organizing. He is the author of many books such as:

  • Punnya Bhoomiyilekku' (To the sacred land)
     3 Books in Malayalam language about Haj pilgrimage including CDs.
  • 'Muslim Lokam 1421' (Muslim World 1421 Hijri)
  • 'Muslim Lokam 1423' (Muslim World 1423 Hijri)
  • 'Muslim Lokam 1425' (Muslim World 1425 Hijri)
  • 'Dikrukal'
  • 'Islamika Munnettam Aagolathalathil'
  • 'Falastheenil Judharkenthavakasam'
  • Arabic – English – Malayalam Dictionary

Prof. K. Alikutty Musliyar

Principal: Jamia Nooriya Arabiyya Faizabad

Pattikkad PO, Malappuram Dt, Kerala, India

Tel: 04933 235 589

E mail:alikuttymusliyar@gmail.com

Our Professors

Sheikh M.K Moideen Kutty Musliyar


Sheikh A.P Muhammed Musliyar


Sheikh P.Kunhani Musliyar


Sheikh K.T Muhammed Ali Shihab Faizy


Sheikh P. Sulaiman Faizy


Saleem Faizi Porora

Jamia Masjd Immam

Janab Muthu Koya Thangle.


(He is from Vengoor and has been working as Imam since the Jamia mosque was started in 1960. He made record in the history of Jamia that his service exceeds fifty years.)